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Running a business isn’t about enjoying a certain programming language; it’s about the enjoyment customers receive from using fantastic products.

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Just because things are the way they are now doesn’t mean that its optimal or has to stay that way. Often today’s standard is the legacy of something that has long since changed or no longer serves the needs of those it was meant to. Regardless of if your market is dominated by large established players, if you look at how the world is evolving and to the needs of tomorrow, you may discover an opportunity to grow market share and the market itself by COMPLETELY rethinking the way things are done.
via The 3 most important things I learned from Google (part 1)

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Likes & Launch: Striking resemblance to my life the last year...


Check out Jessica Livingston’s post: What Stops Female Founders? it reveals the advice she would give to her 25-year-old-self.

I think it’s a wonderful post. I left my job in the corporate world to take the full plunge into our NYC based startup when I was 24. The post is a completely accurate…

I really enjoyed this article. The advice Livingston gives, while probably targeted and very appropriate for women, is definitely relatable to men as well. Definitely worth the read.

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If your entire ego and identity is vested in your startup, where there are certainly factors outside of your control, you can get into a depressive funk that affects your ability to function. So, you should also, let’s say, join a rock climbing gym. Try to improve your time in the mile. Something like that. I recommend at least one physical activity. Then even if everything goes south — you have some horrible divorce agreement with your co-founder — if you had a good week and set a personal record in the gym or on the track or wherever, that can still be a good week.
Tim Ferriss

(Source: 37signals.com)

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